Letter to the Editor

Gun control

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Editor:

January 2013 marks another degree higher in the frustration thermometer of retirees spending extra time watching, listening to folks in the news telling retirees the quirks and cracks in society, without offering working solutions and angry if anyone offers a solution.

The complaints of society of veterans having PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) indicates society's attempts to get inside the returned veteran's head. Because of society not wanting to admit it is not all knowing and all righteous.

Veterans having volunteered for years of personal hardship, danger and the realities of war, to defend God, country and family.

Then returning to the good old America, only to find America only a few degrees short of being as chaotic as the war in a foreign country.

At least in war a fighting person can take action.

In America, it takes half a century for the powers in Washington, D.C., to even hear the voice of the majority, much less take logical action, and a veteran's helplessness.

A veteran may have in ideology enlisted for the sake of defending freedom, liberty, personal choices and human rights, only to find therapists, preachers and government powers -- bureaucracies, telling him what he cannot do and hurrying him to recover from PTSD.

Society ridiculing veterans for being homeless and not using his military training and veterans finding that the only freedom left to them is to become wanderers, drifters and vagabonds. To escape what can be, in correct English, defined as social anarchy.

It does not take a veteran to perceive that the social controls the political and reasoning that if society is so smart, let it figure it out.

Returning to the U.S.A. and finding it hell, and reasoning that in suicide there is at least a chance of heaven. And afraid if he complains he will be disintegrated by a drone.

What with the depressing prospect of an educational system that turns out children that kills children (as Columbine and Sandy Hook) and their peers being future prospects for political office and power nationally.

Military enlistees enduring danger and hardship in war to resist the radical religious Taliban. Then returning to America to find the powers in Washington, D.C., and states courting the favor of organized religion.

Religions that declare to have the solution to social anarchy, but is the cause of social anarchy, with the claim that supporting social anarchy, is being politically correct. Including the buying and selling and commercializing of babies and children.

Doomsday religious prophets declaring to have solutions to doomsday (exceptional and irresponsible privilege, money and power).

And the Bill of Rights, that the veterans watched their comrades die for, under attack by delusional atheists, agnostics and denominationalists. And veterans knowing that if America is to be the leader of the free world, that then the right to private firearms ownership is a must.

Ed Byler

Osceola, Mo.