Letter to the Editor

In the blink of your eye -- what did you miss?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear Editor:

It happened last week. You may have seen it on the news. It was probably not very important to you at the time, but you will look back in a couple of years and realize what happened.

Did you ever see a snake swallow a frog? He doesn't do it all at one gulp. The frog fights for his freedom very hard and has to take a break after awhile to catch his breath. When he takes a break, the snake gets another bite. As the frog gets weaker the snake keeps swallowing a little more. Finally, the snake gets him. All the snake has to do is wait and hold on.

You are the frog, and last week the snake got another bite.

The Senate, under Harry Reed and the Democrats, voted to overrule a 225-year-old rule and rendered this Republican helpless by eliminating the filibuster. This is very important since presidential appointments are approved or rejected by the Senate. Now, this can be done by a simple majority vote. The Senate is controlled by the Democrats. Therefore, any appointments by the president will be rubber stamped by Harry Reed, regardless of any dissent from the opposing party.

Did you miss it?

Obama became King. He can now appoint judges and cabinet members with his goals and ideology without any opposition.

He promised to fundamentally change America, and he has. Do you worry about losing your second amendment right to own guns? Don't let that worry you. Have you tried to buy .22 caliber ammunition lately? Your guns won't be much good without ammo.

How is Obama Care working for you? We are headed for a single payer system controlled by the government.

Why has the Department of Homeland Security bought 5,000,000 rounds of ammunition?

* Why can't we find out about such things as:

* Fast and Furious.


*I.R.S. control over the Tea Party.

*N.S.A. recording our phone calls.

You fill in the rest.

In the Bible we see what the snake had in mind for mankind.

We were stupid enough to elect Obama twice -- he has three more years. Are we getting what we deserve? Harry Reed has at least 13 months. Judges are appointed for life.

Welcome to the new America Froggy!

Wilbur D. Smith