No one wants to be county surveyor

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nevada Daily Mail

Once again, the ballot for elections in November held an empty place for the position of county surveyor, encouraging voters to write in nominations for the position.

Although Ryan Renwick of Renwick Insurance received 30 nominations, he decided to turn down the position since he felt he did not meet the requirements. For the time being, the position will remain open unless the Vernon County Commission decides to appoint someone.

County clerk Tammi Beach said during her 12-year tenure with Vernon County, she does not recall ever having a surveyor elected or appointed to the position.

The elected person for the position is required to be a United States citizen, over the age of 21 years, a registered land surveyor, a resident of the state at least one year and county resident for at least six months immediately prior to election. An appointed surveyor must also meet those requirements but would not have to live in the county.

County surveyors are responsible for establishing and recording accurate property boundaries within the county and may be expected to generate maps or supply other data when requested. Once elected, a surveyor holds the position for a four-year term.

Beach said she will inform the county commission of the opening. The commission could appoint someone to the position even past the deadline. That appointed surveyor would step down if someone is later elected to the position and commissioned by the governor.

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