Letter to the Editor

911 tax: Scrutinize funding needs

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dear Editor:

The reason for the half-cent sales tax for the Nevada and Vernon County Ambulance District is they will have more money to spend or convert to more projects in their systems.

Will the Vernon County Jail need another one-fourth cent tax to replace what will be taken away from their budget to help out 911?

Could some of the funds set aside by county commissioners be used to support 911?

The Vernon County Road and Bridge budget seems to raise every year but the townships get the Cart money only.

In 1997 the township received, I think, $15,000 per township. By 2000, it was down to $8,000, then only $5,000 because of funding building projects and land buying. The commissioners are paid a salary that has ranged from $9,000 to around $27,000, although this is still only a part-time position, mostly two days a week.

Our representatives in Missouri government do make laws and salary suggestions for the county. City Manager Mr. Kehrman wants his portion of money back for more administration? We lost a big plant because of no input.

911 Facts and Figures

Facts and true figures are actually what the voters want answered. Why isn't the State Highway Patrol and MoDOT helping with this funding? What will the city, the County Commission and Ambulance District do with $425,000? I suggest leaving it in there.

The City Manager never mentioned what a new building will cost for dispatchers. Will it be $1 million? Will they need $250,000 for newer equipment?

The Nevada Daily Mail had a whole page listing people who haven't paid taxes, what was the reason? Did they lose their jobs? Housing? Necessities for the family comes first.

The state tells the county assessor the facts on parcel land and housing out in the county. Each house and building is assessed, but land is separate even under your building. In the city, if you buy a house, is the land listed as part of the sale? Or does the assessor send you two bills one for land and one for the house?

A possible site for the Dispatch Center is on the hill out by the Vernon County jail, the new state building, and also near the new children's care center. Are we going to call this area the Showcase of New Nevada? Who are the sponsors for the 911 center besides the committee?

I'm proud to drive on I-49 and have a highway overpass near my home. If we hadn't fought for it, we would have had to drive to Horton 2 miles north to the overpass from D highway. Mr. Joe Pohl gave land to 71 Highway for another overpass by his farm, having put in a stipulation if it became 4 lanes, an overpass would be built. It helps out our farmers. Sights to see are an antique bridge from Compton Junction beside I-49 and then there are pecan groves, the Amish with their fresh produce, and conservation land, as well, with a special hill and 1 mile south of there, native grasses growing only in Vernon County, no other place in the United States.

In the Bible, what's necessary is food, clothes, and shelter. We look, we cry, we ask for guidance. You can't work yourself to Heaven, but 10 percent to a worship center is a start. Remember, the tax comes out first, what you have left is used to buy necessities.

It's a challenge to vote to add 15 employees for the new way, just add more employees as needed for the old way. I know a new big building of what could be a million would look good but expensive etc. Put it out by the lake where the jail, state human services, the child now place, are. Please put it on the hill. Could be a showcase for Nevada.

tYour choice to add a one-half percent tax or leave as is.

New county jail dispatchers gone will need more resources to keep up payments. Ft. Scott has a new jail coming, Cedar County has a new jail. Bates County has a fairly new jail. At our old jail in the 90s we had federal prisoners, and I think we received $37 per day for each one. This was good until an insider jailer let them escape.

We need to figure out how to bring in more revenue for our jail. It would be nice to know how much we are currently receiving for each inmate. And, what does safekeeping mean?

The businesses of Nevada will need to be alert. Tax, to me, is first not last as you buy products and eat out. The city manager needs your help Aug. 4. Dispatchers of Vernon County 911 do everything right in their department.

Thank you 911 Coordinator Tonia Davis for working overtime, she is a person who cares for Vernon County citizens. Sheriff Mosher is lucky to have 911 dispatchers in house for help with jail emergencies.

Former County Commissioner Arch Forkner

P.S. I suggest we need one-fourth percent tax to help bring in more industry as we didn't save American Standard.