Bronaugh R-7 board reviews senior trip

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thursday's meeting of the R-7 board heard details about the senior class trip, approved contracts for tenured and non-tenured teachers, appointed a homeless coordinator and heard a program evaluation on social studies.

Following the 7 p.m. graduation on Sunday, May 6, eight of the eleven graduating from Bronaugh High School will meet back at school at 3 a.m., the next morning, to head to Kansas City to fly down to Clearwater Beach, Fla., for the senior trip. They will be back at the school five days later on May 12 at 2 p.m.

The trip, which for a number of students will include their first out of state and on a plane, will feature deep sea fishing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling with dolphins, riding jet skis and parasailing.

Students began raising funds back in seventh grade and have nearly raised the total budget of $9,150.

Accepting the resignation of two staff members, the board approved offering contracts to nine nontenured, six tenured teachers and one long-term substitute.

R-7 Superintendent David Copeland said, "These days, one of the most difficult positions to fill is that of a science teacher and I'm glad to say we've found a good one and I hope this person will stay for years to come."

The district has a few other positions to fill and Copeland hopes to meet a number of candidates at a school job fair at Missouri Sate University in Springfield on March 29. Education graduates from four schools will be on hand.

About an earlier one in Joplin, Copeland said, "They had 111 candidates and not one certified in science. So I'm really grateful I've got a good person coming in for that."

The federal McKinney-Vento Act requires school districts to appoint a homeless coordinator who is responsible for assisting homeless children and youth with enrolling and accessing school services and addressing things from immunizations and medical records to transportation, school meals along with any specialized needs.

This position had been occupied by Robert Herbst, school counselor, but with his retirement at the end of the year, the board approved Copeland's request to make this a part of the job description of the school counselor on an ongoing basis.

Decisions on extra-duty, co-curricula and coaches will be made at April's board meeting. Coach Scarborough asked and was given the opportunity to make a presentation to the board expressing a strong desire to continue at Bronaugh even as plans were presented for next year's program.

Along with Copeland and Principal Jordan Dickey, seven board members heard from social studies teacher, Josie Martin, finishing his second year. He reviewed each of his classes in history, social studies and psychology.

Said Martin, "History and social studies are related and are my field. Last year, teaching psychology was a real challenge but I enjoy the way it has helped me to grow as a teacher. I guess you could say I'm learning right along with the students and I know I'm enjoying it and I think the students are as well."

Athletic Director and coach, Daryl Dodson was scheduled to present to the board about the physical education and athletic programs but asked and was given permission to take members of the girls basketball team and that evening watch a game at the Big-12 Tournament going on in Kansas City.

Dickey reported on plans for Missouri Assessment Program testing.

Said Dickey, "As we always do, we'll be assessing for English language arts, mathematics and science at grades 3-8; and English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies in high school."

Copeland reported on various education bills under consideration by the Missouri General Assembly. He also mentioned statements by Speaker of the Missouri House, Rep. Todd Richardson, R-Popular Bluff, to provide full funding for the state's school funding formula.

In a separate interview, Copeland said, "I've served small districts with about 160 kids all the way to 20,000 but I have to say, this is the best board I've ever worked with. There are no hidden agendas. All of us have but one goal and that is to offer the best possible education and prepare our kids for life."

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