City council recognizes Ernsbarger

Friday, March 23, 2018
Mayor Brian Leonard, right, shakes Leonard Ernsbarger’s hand after reading a proclamation declaring March 20, 2018, to be Nevada Lion’s Club Lion Leonard Ernsbarger Day.
Nick Wright

Starting off the regular session of the Nevada City Council meeting Tuesday evening at City Hall, Mayor Brian Leonard read a proclamation honoring Leonard Ernsbarger’s 56 years as a Lions Club member along with his extensive community service by proclaiming March 20, 2018, as Nevada Lion’s Club Lion Leonard Ernsbarger Day.

“[I] call upon the businesses and individuals of Nevada to join in recognizing Lion Leonard Ernsbarger for his dedication, service and commitment to the State of Missouri and our community,” said Mayor Leonard.

“I want to thank the city council for doing this for me,” said Ernsbarger. “This is a real honor to be recognized by your local community.”

Following the proclamation, the council — with Jayne Novak and Ryan Watts absent — tackled the tasks at hand.

The council voted 3-0 to approve the bid from Independent Electric in the amount of $8,452.50 for the repair of a high-pressure water pump at the city water treatment plant.

Then the council voted 3-0 to approve the bid from JCI Industries in the amount of $8,204.00 for a replacement return sludge pump. It was noted that JCI Industries is the only vendor for the brand of pump needed.

The city council then heard a report from Nevada Regional Medical Center Interim Chief Executive Officer Wes Braman. Braman shared much the same information with the council which he shared with the NRMC board and was covered in the Feb. 28 edition of the Nevada Daily Mail.

He spoke about the challenges faced by the hospital and the plans to address those issues.

“We think if we can grow the services we have, we can improve our revenue services, if we can make sure we right-size the staff,” said Braman. “We think a combination of those three things will get us back to at least break even. And once you’re there then you can start looking at where you want to go in the future.”

Mayor Leonard asked what the hospital was doing to regain the confidence of the community to which Braman replied their primary goal was to provide a quality product. He went on to speak about the various media channels which the hospital is using.

In old business, the council voted 3-0 to approve on second reading Bill No. 2018-016 accepting the bid and authorizing the execution of an agreement with APAC-Central, Inc. of Springfield, Mo., for the 2018 sales tax street improvements.

In new business the council:

• voted 3-0 to approve on first reading bill No. 2018-017 amending the Fiscal 2017 street budget.

• voted 3-0 to approve resolution No. 1510 approving a travel portion of right-of-way application for American Cancer Society, Inc.

To wrap up the meeting, the council heard annual reports from Eric McPeak, from Alliance Water Resources; and Kristie Modlin, on the city of Nevada’s finances.

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