Piano students hold first ever virtual recital

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
A screenshot of the virtual piano recital.
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On Sunday, May 3, Anita's Piano Studio's very first virtual spring recital was presented by the piano students. Lessons have continued for these students through video and online lessons the past several weeks. The students submitted videos of their recital piece which was put into a YouTube playlist. Families gathered online via Zoom for awards and announcements, then they watched the recital on YouTube.

Students submitting videos for this year’s spring recital were: Easton Baker, Katy

Pritchett, Natalie Pommier, Sophie Dowty, Chloe Schlabach, Alli Redburn, Adelaide West, Emily Redburn, Lucas Arnold, Elias Baker, Paytin White, Navi Rhodes, Kane Caldwell, Connor McGinnis, Marci Kimmell, Caleb Pyle, Koal Caldwell, Emrey Williams, Parker Hertzberg, Avery Ogle, Naomi Pyle, Audrey Rives, Avery Morris, Olivia Eaton, Kutter Schulte, Nathan Pyle, Bennett Irwin, DeAndre Schlabach, Paige Hertzberg, Hannah Pyle, Cora Braden, and Cooper Pennington.

The area music festivals were cancelled this year, however the following students had already prepared their pieces. They were recognized for their hard work. These students include: (Nevada Music Festival) Solos: Emily Redburn Allison Redburn, Connor McGinnis, Lucas Arnold, Natalie Pommier, Parker Hertzberg, Cooper Pennington, Cora Braden, Caleb Pyle, Naomi Pyle, Nathan Pyle, and Hannah Pyle. Trio: Emrey Williams, Parker Hertzberg, and Cora Braden. Trio: DeAndre Schlabach, Hannah Pyle, and Nathan Pyle.

(Fort Scott Community College Festival) Solos: Connor McGinnis, Adelaide West, Lucas Arnold, Marci Kimmell, Olivia Eaton, Natalie Pommier, Audrey Rives, Parker Hertzberg, Cooper Pennington, Naviana Rhodes, Sophie Dowty, DeAndre Schlabach, and Chloe Schlabach. Duet: Marci Kimmell and Audrey Rives. Trio: Sophie Dowty, Natalie Pommier, and Katy Pritchett.

First year students playing at their first recital were: Easton Baker, Emily Redburn, Katy Pritchett, Paytin White, Natalie Pommier, Sophie Dowty, Alli Redburn, Adelaide West, and Chloe Schlabach.

Seven-year medal recipients recognized were Paige Hertzberg, Avery Morris, and Avery Ogle.

A challenge of 100 Days of practice began on Jan. 22 and ended on April 30 with the following students practicing for 100 consecutive days. This impressive accomplishment was achieved by Caleb Pyle, Naomi Pyle, Nathan Pyle, Hannah Pyle, Marci Kimmell, Audrey Rives, Emily Redburn, Alli Redburn, Cora Braden, Katy Pritchett, Parker Hertzberg and Emrey Williams. These students will receive their trophies at the fall recital.

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