Nevada Housing Authority Board of Commissioners discuss five-year plan updates

Friday, May 26, 2023
The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (Chrystie Braden, David Heumader, and Amber Williamson) discussed the five-year plan for updates during Wednesday's meeting.
Photo by Sarah Haney | Daily Mail Editor

During Wednesday evening's regular meeting of the Nevada Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Executive Director Amanda Koehn gave updates on occupancy rates, work orders, and the five-year annual plan.

Koehn noted that 122 one-bedroom units are currently being leased, as well as 60 units in the family complex. She added that in the past month, there have been 107 work orders, but no major emergency work orders noting that most of them had to do with air conditioning (AC) units.

Going over the five-year plan for updates to units, Koehn stated that she would like to see the carpet removed from them (due to complaints) and have the flooring replaced with snap flooring. Commissioner Amber Williamson stated that she'd like to see different thermostats in the units. Koehn agreed, but stated that this would be part of the project to be completed in 2026 when new AC units would be installed.

It was noted that commissioner Pete Schmidt would be resigning from the board. Koehn noted that there has been an application submitted for a replacement of Schmidt's seat on the board and that she would send her recommendation to Nevada City Council to approve.

In new business items, Koehn presented consideration of Resolution No. 2094. This resolution would approve of trash service through BL & Sons Disposal. Koehn stated that the housing authority's prior trash service was costing $2,200/month and there were complaints that the trash wasn't always being picked up. With this new service through BL & Sons Disposal, the total cost would be $1,510 a month ($340/month at Chapman Estates and $1,170/month at Fairground Estates). With a motion, a second, and unanimous approval, the board approved the resolution.

The meeting then adjourned at 7:23 p.m.

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