Sheldon School Board addresses finances and policies in September meeting

Friday, September 15, 2023
The Sheldon Board of Education discussed financies and policies, among other subjects, during their September meeting.
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The Sheldon School Board convened for its regular meeting on Wednesday evening, September 13, 2023, with President Jerod Lamb at the helm.

Superintendent Jason Irwin opened the meeting with an update on the school's finances. Irwin informed the board that they would be receiving a new monthly bill, allocating resources for Shirley Ash, a recently hired Special Education Teacher due to the specific needs of a student. He emphasized that the government would reimburse the school for this expense. Additionally, Irwin mentioned the annual bill for Senior Banners, which adorn the gym each year, was due this month, and the board approved the payments.

Irwin then highlighted the school's healthy budget, thanks to Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds and an increase in American Rescue Plan Act (APPA) funds. The board approved the financial report.

In the facilities segment, Superintendent Irwin reported on the ongoing rekeying of certain doors within the school premises for enhanced security. He also mentioned that the school had applied for a Safety Grant and expected to receive confirmation in the coming weeks, with the board's approval.

Principal Kevin Post presented updates on the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP), indicating a need for revisions. The board approved the suggested changes.

In the new business segment, Irwin shared that the school's enrollment had risen to 205, a development met with enthusiasm by the board. Irwin also sought approval for an update to the Middle Childhood Education (MCE) policy, specifically addressing transgender participation in sports. The board endorsed both the enrollment report and the policy update.

Post presented the Missouri Assessment Program/End-of-Course (MAP/EOC) scores from the previous school year (2022-23). Detailed graphs showcased the school's performance in Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Government/History, with the board expressing satisfaction with the results.

Irwin informed the board that the school had received five bids for an upcoming roof project. After deliberation, they shortlisted three bids for further discussion. These bidders will have an opportunity to present their proposals in a special meeting scheduled for Thursday evening, September 28, with a final decision expected at the next regular meeting.

Secretary Gwen Coquillette submitted her resignation from her duties on the school board, which the board accepted. Subsequently, the board appointed Junior High Title 1 Math Teacher Synthia Young as the interim Secretary.

During Teacher's time, High School English Teacher Emily Sommer, fifth grade Teacher Suzanne Kirbey, Elementary Special Services Teacher Heather Stidham, and Kindergarten Teacher Clarissa Smith shared their new initiative, the CTA Organization. This organization aims to uplift teachers and maintain a positive attitude within the school community. The board approved this initiative.

Principal Kevin Post reported a current enrollment of 205 students but expressed concern over a 2 percent drop in attendance due to illnesses. He also highlighted the success of the Back to School Bash and the smooth implementation of the new EmCompass Program. The board approved his report.

Superintendent Irwin provided insights into his visits to new teachers' classrooms, expressing satisfaction with their performance. He also announced the upcoming "Dig For The Cure" Volleyball games and introduced new paraprofessionals and a school nurse, all of whom received positive feedback. The board approved his report.

The meeting concluded with the board's decision to adjourn, with the next meeting scheduled for Oct. 11.

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