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Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2007, at 2:05 PM

Have you ever had one of those days? You know what I am talking about! It seems the sky is falling and everything is going wrong.

I know everyone has experienced this one time or another and for some it seems more often than not.

It seems that I have been struggling with equipment breaking down. And sometimes you wonder, (I know you have said it) "what else can go wrong today?"

Well, it happened! One lovely Friday morning, I had to go to an auction with a coworker. Just when I got in her vehicle, I realized that my cell phone was missing from my holster.

I immediately told my coworker that I had to go back to the newspaper office. (We were parked across the street). She said, no wait I will drive you to the front door. I said, "that will be good." So you can probably imagine what was in the road on the way to the front door. Yes, it was my cell phone.

The only problem is that none of us realized that the vehicle ran over it until I got out. Well, my cell was a flip-top type, but it was separated and beyond repair.

My coworker was very apologetic and kept saying she was sorry, but it wasn't her fault. If only we can go back in time so that I could walk over, but that's the way the ball bounces, as the saying goes.

The only bright side to all this, is that I was able to acquire a new cell phone. I am a proud owner of a Blackberry model. I got a good deal on eBay. Until that "new" gadget feeling wears off, I have forgotten the misfortune that happened on that bright sunny Friday morning.

But then again, when more misfortune comes around, I again ask, "what more can happened today?"


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