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Posted Monday, September 29, 2008, at 2:30 PM

Its been awhile since i blogged so I thought I will share some things that newspapers are doing nowadays. You see, I just got back from the 48th Annual Mid American Newspaper Conference, and as usual, it was located in beautiful Lake of the Ozark, MO.

Here is the some of the topic that was covered there. As we all know prices increasing in every market and it is no different in Newspapers today.

Thursday Sept 11 Morning

Web Width Reduction

Newspapers are reducing the width of their papers and it has been noted that it saves Newsprint. We here in Nevada Daily Mail/Fort Scott Tribune has seen many increases in Newsprint prices.

I heard from many Newspaper what they have done in this reduction. It was quite informative.

Thursday Afternoon.

Green Program- Alternate Energy Source

We all have heard how we need to 'think' Green and I heard many good ideas that can promote a green environment and a good energy source. They showed a presentation on solar energy to aid in electricity consumptions.

I also heard from a presenter on Wind Power. Quite interesting

They spent some talking about looking at each components in the Printing Industry and making sure everything is well-maintained and using energy-friendly components

Friday Sept 12


We all know about the presence of the Internet. and many Newspaper have a presence in the internet. But some are really taking advantage of ad sales, using other portals to educate the public about their towns and create a compliment business side that compliments the newspaper

Press- Alternate Revenue Streams

I also heard what other Newspaper are doing to attract more commercial clients. Many are using UV inks as a alternative to Heat-set printing.

Heard about add-on equipments that can trim and staple/glue as you print as one pass.

Saturday Sept 13


We heard from Three major Newsprint Suppliers and learned what concerns they have and the challenges they faced in meeting the demand of the marketplace. It was quite interesting

Quality Control

I heard from on Production Manager on how he calibrate all phases of production from the digital camera through proofing, plates, and press.

Plate Consolidations

Many Newspapers are consolidating and making it a challenge in meeting the needs of the future. I heard example of one and how they were to get back to normal.

I certainly enjoyed being there. Every Newspaper is finding ways to save money and creating new niche publications to reach a larger audience. I happy that Nevada Daily Mail/Herald-Tribune has been busy in keeping afloat despite the hard economic times we all face.

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Hey! So, you actually had time to blog again. ;-)

Welcome back, and glad you enjoyed the annual MANC at the Lake of the Ozarks.

kind regards,


-- Posted by digital_dreamer on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 6:21 PM

Thanks, MAJ

Wished you were there like years ago.


-- Posted by Chris Jones, Production Manager on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 6:44 PM

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