The way it was

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

100 Years Ago -- February 10, 1904

Tuesday's Democratic Primary to nominate candidates for city officers proved to be the most interesting primary of recent years. The race for mayor was a neck and neck affair and closed with both candidates near the wire but Stump finished in the lead with but a small majority.

Although the municipal water works had been settled by a special election, the question was again fought out in the mayor race. The water works friends stuck by Schnatterly while some voted for Stump and all the opponents of municipal water works voted for him. The race for marshal was very close but Chas. Janes finished in the lead with McKnight second.

75 Years Ago -- February 10, 1929

WALKER NEWS -- Mrs. C.C. Zaring and Mrs. E.E. Wilson made a business trip to El Dorado Springs last Wednesday. James Clark has moved to the Purdee property lately vacated by Lewis Clark and family. A Pittsburg coal company has purchased the Kramer farm providing the coal proves satisfactory and has a drill in operation testing out the coal.

50 Years Ago -- February 10, 1954

Contracts for oil aggregate surface treatment on portions of two state supplementary roads, routes C and W in Vernon County have been awarded by the State Highway Commission to Joseph Pohl, contractor of Nevada. The work will cost a total of about $18,327. The Route C project, 8.9 miles in length extends from Walker northwesterly to Harwood. The Route W work calls for the one mile of surfacing to extend present like the surface near Nevada from State Hospital No. 3 on north of the District 49 School.

BRONAUGH NEWS -- For the third consecutive time voters in Bronaugh School District R-7 have voted a $210,000 bond issue for a school building program. In yesterday's special election, the district proposal was soundly defeated with 151 voting for and 356 voting against with one ballot being spoiled. A two- thirds majority is needed for approval in such elections. Other elections at which the proposition was defeated were held October 23, 1953 and November 17, 1953. If approved, the bond issue would have provided funds for construction of a high school, gym, four elementary school rooms, two grade rooms and a general purpose room building in Moundville among others.