Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why not put a name on it?

Dear editor:

I would like to compliment and thank Mike Straight for his public recognition of a person who has done a superb job for Nevada, with little thanks and much abuse: Craig Hubler. I would also belatedly like to thank Marie Wessley for her openness some time back on a related topic.

I would like to ask Mike and Marie to do two things: tell us who you are referring to so members of the public can address the perpetrators of these problems and ask them to find something else to do with their time, and give us some suggestions of other things that the public can do about the concerns raised in both letters.

Again, thank you both for the time you put in on behalf of all of us at city council and in your letter writing. And thanks, too, to Craig for being a great guy and doing such a good job for us all. It will be unfortunate if the people of Nevada have to lose you to realize what they have lost.

-- Stephen H. Goldberger, M.D.


Still looking for balanced coverage

Dear editor:

This summer's conventions will help us decide the most important election of our era. So why did "fair and balanced" Fox News show so much less of the Democratic convention than its cable peers?

Instead of letting us hear the Democrats' vision for America, Fox News continually interrupted the speeches to give more air time to their own pundits.

Serious news outlets give their viewers every opportunity to decide for themselves, especially when it comes to how they'll vote. Fox News seems intent on only giving us one side of the story.

--Joan Ostrander


Thanks for a great


Dear editor,

As Vernon County Youth Fair Princess, I'd like to thank Dana Cavener and the 2004 Royalty Committee for making this year's competition possible. I'd also like to thank my friends; Becky Hoselton, for doing my hair for the judging, the coronation and every day of the fair; and Joy Snyder for taking pictures every year. Thank you to my parents for making me run because I had a lot of fun as the 2004 Vernon Coutny Youth Fair Princess, and my grandparents for helping me take care of things I couldn't because of my other responsibilities, like taking care of my cattle and running my errands. I learned alot as the 2004 VCYF Princess. Some of the things I learned were how different the shows were. I never knew how the swine and horse show worked or how the kids showed those animals because I was never able to watch those shows. I enjoyed seeing lots of people that I don't usually get to see and handing out the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon to the beef, sheep and swine exhibitors. I wish everyone the best of luck throughout the summer.

-- Reba Hurst

2004 VCYF Princess

Our generous community

Dear editor:

Do you know how good Nevada people are?

In the midst of moving and changing jobs, I was thrust into assisting with the Back-to-School mission for the Community Outreach, a mission that the First Christian Church participates in annually. With God's help, I can do "a little crazy" and work this into my juggling of everyday trials (so it seems). Being relatively new to the area, I did not know "the do-ers and the givers are" -- and I found them plentiful at every turn.

There were several people who were being very helpful, some friends in the church and new found friends in the community who were very helpful pulling this project of buying for 268 school-age children underwear and socks together. Everywhere I went, the Community Outreach workers and volunteers God bless ya -- are great! Ramey's and Wood's Supermarkets for the grocery sacks -- many blessings to ya -- And my fellow helpers at the First Christian Church, Ellen Barb, Ron, Dave, Bill, Beverly, Phyllis, Sue and Margarette. A big thank you and it's a great feeling to be part of a wonderful community and for that I thank God.

Did I tell you how good Nevada people are?

--Lee Bissell