Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Sunday, September 12, 2004

An open letter to the city

manager and council

members on the city audit

Dear editor:

Were we wrong -- all of the people who signed the petition requesting a city audit? I think that some of you people who condemned should now write a letter to the editor and apologize.

I signed a petition some years ago asking for a city audit, as some funds were being moved from department to department improperly. Without a doubt we were right!

Again this has happened.

This time, funds are missing. This situation should never have happened. The statement from the State Auditor's offices says, "A lack of internal control or little or no independent review allowed these misappropriations to occur and not be detected."

Therefore it is time for the citizens of Nevada and the city council members to ask the city manager to resign immediately!

Why hasn't the city manager checked the operations of city hall, that is the city manager's duty.

Also the city council members should have been checking the city manager duties more carefully.

Why are the taxpayers of Nevada paying $2,000 for the city manager to travel to California for an award unrelated to city business? City council members should all be ashamed!

-- Don W. Stukesbary