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Letters to the editor

Friday, September 24, 2004

Democratic candidate may not be better than a baboon, either

Dear Editor:

I am addressing Mr. Charles Nash who in his Sept. 19 "At Random" column wrote, "If a baboon were the only alternative to George W. Bush, come November, I would cast my vote for the baboon."

Mr. Nash, you apparently are unaware that there is a candidate for the office of the Presidency for whom you might find baboonish. When you enter the voting booth, look for the name John Kerry under the Democratic Party.

Being an animal, a baboon has no innate cogitative skills, but innately acts according to the laws of nature or it would not survive. Thus the clear thinking needed to run for office, would you not agree, is impossible for a baboon? But, you would vote for one anyway? Have it your way. Let me introduce Mr. John Kerry, a possible "baboon" man. He demonstrated unclear thinking by headlining his Vietnam record which stimulated Swift Boat ads attacking his war record as flawed which stimulated other veteran ads attacking his post-war record in his testimony before Congress which gave ammunition to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese to press the war. A wise man would have seen the error in headlining this choice. A better choice would have been his long voting record in the Senate to highlight. Or would that be unwise also since he voted the most liberal of the liberals which would bring sure defeat if widely known among voting Americans? Neither choice appears wise for Kerry.

Well then, turning to the law's of nature the home turf of the baboon, does Mr. Kerry have anything to offer the American people in understanding these laws?

Let us see. Would a baboon, who innately lives by the laws of nature, kill its unborn? No. But Mr. Kerry would. Additionally, would not a baboon innately support marriage as being a male and female thing and would it not reject a marriage between men and men and women and women? True. Abortion and homosexual marriage (re: his opposition to the Massachusetts Amendment for marriage to be only between a man and woman) are against nature both of which, however, Mr. Kerry supports.

Thus, when it comes to understanding the laws of nature, Mr. Kerry is less than a baboon.

With Kerry having poor cogitative skills and no sense of nature, maybe you have no one to vote for the Presidency after all, pity a real baboon is not running that would be a better choice than Kerry.

As for me, I shall vote for President Bush, who understands the laws of nature which puts him far ahead of Mr. Kerry.

Gray Clark

Vernon County

Concern about rezoning

Dear editor:

The city of Nevada should be wary of what is happening on the 300 block of west Austin Boulevard. The city council passed the C-0 zoning to a C-3 retail, as of Tuesday, Sept. 21. They do have to vote one more time to make it legal.

The chief of police wasn't for the new zoning law, the neighbors are not for it, the people who are going to have accidents there are not going to be for it ... what do we have to do to get this voted down?


Ash Street, also BB Highway, is a very busy street because of the ambulances going to the hospital, and the corner is much too busy for more outlets on that particular block, which is across from the Fire Department and the Police Department.

Do you want your loved one or friend to end their productive life on that corner?

Stand up for what you think is right, come to the meeting and let your voice be heard, On Oct. 5, 7 p.m.

Be there, please, and pray that it does not pass and the councilmen will rethink their decision!

A very concerned citizen and neighbor,

Alice Stevenson,


Mother Nature (1), Flag Lady (0)

Dear editor:

You may have noticed that the American and MIA/POW flags are no longer flying on Austin Boulevard. My flag team took them down last night, Sept. 22. These Flags were enduring too much weather damage and too many broken brackets.

When I was a kid I spent summers with my Uncle Shorty. That year Missouri was in the middle of a severe drought and everything was just burning up.

Being a city kid, I figured he would be very upset about the state of his crops and pasture, so I asked him about it. He told me "I never worry about the things I can't do anything about, I worry about the things I could have done something about and didn't."

Leave it to a farmer to put a city kid in her place. Thanks to everyone who rescued a downed flag and brought them to the police department or the Sears store, bless every one of you. Special thanks to the NEVADA POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR HELPING TO PICK UP DOWNED FLAGS.

We will be flying them again next year, maybe mother nature will be on our side.

Flag Lady

Judy Knowles


Look around. There's much to do in Nevada

Dear editor:

There's nothing to do in Nevada!!!!! I'm so sick of hearing that. Look around and get off Austin Street. There is the Landmark Skating Rink and the Mini Golf on Osage. There are four or five city parks. Go throw a Frisbee with a friend. The Four Rivers Sportsmen's Rec-Fest is this weekend at the fairgrounds. There'll be tons of stuff to do there. The bowling alley will be opening soon and I'm sure Novaks will have the theater open as quickly as possible. We have a great skate park at Walton Park. Stay at home, rent a movie and watch it with your parents. Read a book!!

Several business people have opened up places for you to go, then you don't support it and they fold. So get off your duff and use your imagination. Have you told anybody what you want Nevada to have for the kids to do? Then if someone puts it in, support it for a change!!!!!

Chances are they aren't going to put in a Disneyland here. Give us some ideas and maybe we can come up with something.

Mike Conway



Dear editor:

Most American citizens do believe

Our nations gone stark raving mad

It seems our leaders can't conceive

Our nations state of affairs are bad  

Some live in a world all their own

They live in this little fantasy land

Sitting up high on top their throne

Living a life of luxury very grand  

Without a care of the people's rage

The cost of living through the roof

Many barely make minimum wage

Our leaders pay check is full proof  

Their executive order became law

Your overtime pay now abolished

Our nation now in shock and awe

The middle class now demolished  

Now cost of medicines has tripled

Today our health care out of sight

Who stands up for sick or crippled

Who'll protect these people's rights  

Month after month, year after year

Since the new law they constructed

They make our seniors all pay dear

From Social Security they deducted  

Seniors' Medicare payment is raised

I heard it will be 17 percent

They deduct from our monthly pay

From all our seniors they represent  

So I wonder how many of us agree

Or you may have something to add

We all want our government to see

Our country went stark raving mad    

Thelma Shutters

Schell City