Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bush is no baboon

Dear editor:

I was really surprised and saddened upon turning to page 4A of the Herald for Sunday, Sept. 19.

It was somewhat tragic to see our local daily publication follow in the footsteps of Dan Rather, CBS, and the left wing liberal crowd now seeking to seize control of the destiny of America.

It is hard to believe that the Herald would have allowed the bankrupt journalism under the name of Charles C. Nash to appear in this publication in the form written unless the same mentality that infects CBS and the left wing establishment of the Democratic party also infiltrates the offices of the Herald.

The language used in comparing the President of the United States to a baboon is at best reprehensible and at worst it is low-life. Because the candidate Mr. Nash supports has no resume he can only spew out his hatred of the sitting President. Like most candidates of the far left liberal wing of the Democratic Party Mr. Nash has been infected or perhaps afflicted with the same mentality that precipitated the famous John Dean scream in Iowa, the smear campaign of Dan Rather and CBS, and that was personified by the former member of the Texas National Guard who supplied CBS with fake documents from his own computer creation and admitted that he lied in order to smear the President.

My advice to Charles C. Nash and all who sign on to his vitriolic Bush bashing in the Herald for Sept. 19, is to calm down, take another sedative, and prepare to welcome the honorable George W. Bush in his second term as President of the United States.

His resume for the office of the President includes but is not limited to courage, resolute tenacity, clear vision in the war on terror, courage to defend America without a permission slip from the United Nations, the willingness to fight terrorists on their turf instead of American soil, public confession of Jesus Christ as his personal savior, defending historic marriage, protection for the unborn, and traditional family values for which his opponent knows little or nothing about.

-- Dan Gayman

Schell City

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