Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lessons of election time

Dear editor:

How quickly Summer has passed and Fall is here, Thanksgiving just around the corner. I know time is passing faster these days, it can't just be that I am older! It doesn't seem possible Nov. 2 and the election will soon be upon us, I do hope everyone will take their "right and duty to vote" seriously this year and vote your convictions for the good of this world we live in!

So, I want to share this cute little story about my granddaughter Brooklyn in the fourth grade at San Diego. Their school had students running for office and a real election with campaigning, Primary and the whole gamut, learning through experience the election process. Brooklyn was a candidate for the schools' communications officer, that makes all the school activity announcements etc.

We received a phone call from Brooklyn practicing her campaign speech on us with all the reasons why we should check her name on the ballot, voting for her. We all, as a family, had a big laugh out of granddaughter and grandmother running for office at the same time! We were proud of Brooklyn's enthusiasm and anxious to hear the results of their election. Well, about 5 p.m. last night we received the awaited phone call, Brooklyn won the election and our daughter had taken her to get a "Smoothie" to celebrate, as they were calling us! Brooklyn was very happy and loved the congratulations. We loved her explaining her day to us. The hardest part of the day was waiting five hours after the election to learn the results. She had butterflies in her stomach and felt a little sick. She kept her fingers crossed but made little fist to hide her fingers afraid she would offend her opponent. She said a little prayer that she wouldn't cry if she lost.

The first thing Brooklyn did when she learned she had won, was to congratulate her opponent for a good campaign. Yes -- I am a very proud grandmother and will try to learn something from this very earnest little person.

Carolyn Head