Guest editorial

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Learning from our true American Heroes

Our nation once again finds itself in the position where American soldiers are fighting overseas to protect the freedoms of the United States and the world. Throughout our history men and women have fought and served in our armed forces to protect the American way of life that we enjoy today.

During this week and the celebration of Veterans Day, we pause to give thanks to those who have served our nation.

We personally thank those in our communities and remember in our thoughts and prayers both those who served and often paid the ultimate sacrifice and our men and women currently serving overseas.

Veterans serve as one of the greatest examples of citizenship possible for our society to emulate. No other group better demonstrates the meaning of active citizenship as those who have willingly put their lives in danger to protect the rights and freedoms of others. Additionally, the veterans of our state are filled with experiences that promote both our understanding of service to country and our understanding of the conflicts and regions in which they served.

Since veterans serve as an outstanding example of citizenship for Missouri's youth, my office has been working with the Missouri Veterans Commission and others to establish the Missouri Veterans Classroom Project.

This project is working to enhance the active citizenship of Missouri's students by establishing meaningful classroom interactions between veterans and students. The stated goal of social studies education is to promote active citizenship among our students, and it is the intention of my office to promote this goal through the Missouri Veterans Classroom Project.

The Missouri Veterans Classroom Project can be accessed at http://www.movets-classproject.ltgov.mo.gov/. Some aspects of this website include: information for teachers on contacting veterans organizations and teaching activities that help them meet state standards, information on scholarship opportunities for students, and information for veterans to contact their local schools and the ability to access information on veterans' benefits.

If you are interested in working to increase the patriotism and active citizenship of Missouri students, I encourage you to participate in the Missouri Veterans Classroom Project.

Additionally, please remember to thank all who have served our nation and all that are currently serving today.

Thank you to all veterans for not only protecting the freedoms we enjoy today, but also for serving as an outstanding example for the youth of our state and all Missouri citizens.

-- Lt. Governor Joe Maxwell