Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Veterans Day events well done

Dear editor:

I would like to commend the Nevada school system for the outstanding assembly held on Nov. 11 to honor the veterans of the area.

We felt it went so smoothly and all were well-prepared -- the ROTC unit, the band, chorus, the ones who have the readings and Jim Adams, the speaker for the event; as well as the school officials who put it all together.

When the band played the military songs, and as we stood up as our branch of service was played, it really made us proud of our service to the country. I hope they will continue these services for many years to come.

I also want to commend the Nevada Daily Mail for the fine coverage they provided on the services that each school in the county presented.

Lee and Eva Sparks


Thanks to all for support of troops

Dear editor

Thanks to businesses, family and friends, --McDonald's, Sonic, Woods Supermarket and employees, Ramey's VillageMarket Stangeland tobacco, Metz Bank, American Family Insurance, Creative Graphics, Koehn's Faimly Haircut, Jim's Appliance, Rinehart Jewelry, employees of the Vernon County Ambulance District, May's Floral and Gift, the Missouri Department of Transportation, Quality Products, Vinyard's Farm and Home, Andy Anderson, Mary and Darrell O'Hair, Mike McCaffree, Brenda Hathaway, Mary Clark, Sue Biby, Alesha and Kevin, Tesa Haller, Steve Jacobs, Bo Bogart, Wes Anderson, Tim Moore and the Nevada City Council, First Sgt. Dave Parks, Kathi Wysong, Christen Dowell, Brian Haller, Keith and Darla Roggensees, Johnnie Haller, Qulted Hugs, Tammi Beach, Hazel Guilliford, Claribel Kerrick, James and Kathy Blaton, Carol Branham, Julie Stumpff, Judy Knowles, and anyone else I may have failed to mention.

Thanks to all of you for all the help and support with the parade honoring the troops. It wouldn't have happened without your help.

And always keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers.

Angie Haller



Dear editor:

Dear God help me find the words

The whole nation can understand

Around this world let it be heard

The people are united in our land

God, did you notice in our election

Our whole nation became divided

When people voted their selection

Both sides rules of ethics collided

Getting results each side preferred

Discrediting the other their intent

Our country used your Holy word

Lord, you must have felt contempt

When judging each sides morality

Peoples values became our theme

Attacking the other with brutality

With using underhanded schemes

All the way through the campaign

I heard of some who had testified

God, had you listened with disdain

Did you feel you had been denied

God, please help me to understand

Different religious denominations

Other religions we misunderstand

In search of that same destination

With religious wars here on earth

Since that very beginning of time

Most of us were taught from birth

About the stairway we must climb

This nation divided by affiliation

Even families and friends quarrel

Believing those false allegations

Destroying all values and morals

In church where many people sat

Lord what party did you promote

Was he Republican or a Democrat

Dear Lord, for whom did you vote?

Thelma Shutters

Schell City