Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas money disappears

Dear Neighbor,

I hope you are having a blessed holiday season. My name is Sarah S. Vanderbilt and I have lived in Nevada for almost six years. I have several medical problems -- both physical and mental, and I have been on disability since November 1996. I am a divorced mom and have two children, ages 6 (girl) and 11.5 (boy).

Their legal address is in Wheatland, where they go to school. My daughter lives with her 81-year-old babysitter. My son goes with his dad on Monday through Thursday. On the weekend they stay with me, and I pay more than 70 percent of their support, and my family helps quite a bit.

Last Friday, I had some cash I'd been given to buy my children Christmas gifts. It was in a small standard-sized envelope and "First National Bank, my name and account number, and the amount of the cash."

I put it in my purse with another bill. I to several local businesses.

When I opened my purse to pay a cashier, the envelope was gone. O'Reilly's was the only place where I took things out of my purse to write a check. I went back twice and I did not find it at O'Reilly's.

We searched everywhere but did not find it.

I do not know if the person who found my money needed it as much as I did, but let me ask this question --What would Jesus do if he'd found the money?

How would you feel if you were an 8-year-old girl and 11.5-year-old boy and you knew your father wasn't giving you anything, and now your mom couldn't either. Please think of my children and return the money to me.

God bless you,

--Sarah S. Vanderbilt


Top-notch medical care

Dear editor:

I would like to write a letter of appreciation to our health care professionals in Nevada. I believe we need to be thankful that we have some good doctors right here in Nevada.

I'm thankful for the ability that God gives them to help us.

I have had the same surgeon here since 1990 and he has been real good. I know some criticize him "but think about it," God is in control and no doctor can save everyone because there is a time to be born and a time to die.

I am thankful for the knowledge God has given Dr. Turner and other surgeons to help us heal.

Mary Lou Ijams,

Schell City.