Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Thanks to law enforcement for a job well done

Dear editor:

I want to publicly commend the Nevada Police Department and Vernon County Sheriff Department in their response to a call for assistance at Heartland on February 8. A potentially dangerous situation occurred when a group of boys barricaded themselves in a room and refused to come out.

With safety the number one concern, the police were called to assist.

The police, sheriff's department, and Heartland staff worked as a team and step-by-step de-escalated the situation.

The boys voluntarily walked out and the ringleader was arrested and expelled from Heartland.

The final result was some property damage to furniture and to the room. No injuries or even physical interventions took place.

A potentially dangerous incident turned into a rather low-key event due to the teamwork of all.

As an observer watching the situation unfold, I was impressed and amazed at the teamwork by all.

This solidifies my belief in our Heartland motto...

Together We Can...

Yes We Can!

-- Mike Ham