Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kraft should be commended

Dear editor:

Joe Kraft should be commended for his role in helping Nevada to have good city government. It takes a lot of time and effort to lead a campaign for reform, even in a small town. Kraft has shown himself to be civic-minded, selfless, and businesslike in his pursuit of change.

For all of his dedication to make Nevada a better place to live, he deserves a seat on the city council and has my vote in the upcoming election.

It would be in Nevada's best interest to put him on the council in the March election.

-- David Shipp


Some folks take politics mighty seriously

Dear editor:

In the "Whee! The People" section of the March 2005 "Citizen" magazine, it is reported that there are some people who are taking politics too seriously.

In Boca Raton, Fla., there are therapists treating people who have the following symptoms: Loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and "pervasive moodiness, including endless sulking."

The American Health Association calls this "Post Election Selection Trauma" or PEST for short.

Up in Lancaster City, Pa., David Stoltzfus, who runs a baked goods stand in a public market, has put up a photo of the current president. He has followed this practice whoever's in the White House.

But this was too much for Democratic Councilman Nelson Polite who demanded the picture be taken down. Mr. Stoltzfus refused and Mr. Polite's lobbying the city to ban all political displays in public places. Presumably that would mean no elected officials picture in city buildings.

You may disagree with Mr. Polite's idea, figuring he may be suffering from an emotional illness closely related to PEST. Could it be sore loser syndrome?

-- Kay Wilson