Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, May 13, 2005

Farm subsidies seem an unfair use of money

Dear editor,

As I read the article in the Nevada Daily Mail about "Missouri farms receiving Federal farm subsidies more than $3,000,000" last year, it should have read "More than 3 million was received by 11 farms."

If I want to be a big farmer than I should do it on my own without the government keeping me. Let someone else take over if I'm not able to do it. No one twisted their arm to become a farmer.

Guess these farms don't want to survive on minimum wage like 65 percent of Americans. Maybe if the government would subsidize other businesses to enable them to pay more to their workers they each could become a big farmer too.

Who is in charge of this? Congress. I'm wondering how many of their names appear, undercover, on these 11 farms?

One poor farmer stated "cutting payments would harm his business more than people realize."

Poor, poor baby. He would rather see his farm flourish than see thousands of other farms get on their feet by sharing his $547,000 he receives. Guess he wouldn't make it without welfare, oops, subsidies.

No wonder thousands flock to America every year to become rich only to find themselves slaves to undeserving farms and businesses that are on welfare, oops, subsidies.

Our soldiers are giving their lives every day to make another country free and to keep America free but looks like they're needed in the U.S. to clean up things here.

I'm sure God is looking down from heaven with tears at the injustice that is going on in America. How long will his blessing continue until he says enough is enough?

Dorothy E. Jones,


Presidential news conference

Dear editor,

I wonder how many people watched President Bush's press conference April 28? Probably not very many because most were just upset because of missing one of their regular television shows.

I watched (as usual) and noticed that not once did even one reporter ask him about our jobs being outsourced overseas, or the millions of illegal immigrants crossing our borders stealing the jobs from American people.

In other words President Bush held a scripted news conference where the White House only allowed scripted questions and by the reporters they approved.

He had lots of excuses of why our gas prices have risen out of sight which is not only costing us at the gas stations but on every single item we buy anywhere.

Without even mentioning the fact that our oil reserve supply is the fullest ever in history and we just keep adding to it. It is at almost 100 % right now.

He did speak on Social Security reform, which he thinks part of it should be invested in stocks.

Because he says it will be bankrupt by 2041.

Well I have a few solutions, (1) Quit outsourcing our jobs (2) Roll back his lavish tax cuts for the rich (3) Secure our borders so Americans can get back their jobs from illegal immigrants (4) Deport all illegal immigrants, especially those in our prisons, those immigrants getting full paid medical attention and schooling( paid for by the American taxpayers) .(5) raise minium wage ( which will put more money in Social Security by American citizens (without Our money being sent to Mexico) (6) Bring our soldiers home (7) These few things alone would sustain Social Security for a century.

We are being brainwashed into thinking the only important things to worry about are gay marriage, abortion, or anything that some people think maybe a sin. So we refuse to see what`s happening even though we are losing security and livelihood for us and more importantly for our children and grandchildren.

If you don`t believe you can be brainwashed just look around the world at all those who`ve been tyrannized for centuries. Remember just because you believe in God don`t mean you must be ignorant to what`s happening around you.

Watch the news everyday and just pray the reporters you depend on to tell the truth (who`ve not been scripted) will ask the important questions.

Tyranny is happening now. Yes here in America!

Thelma Shutters

Schell City, Mo.