Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In defense of the Bushwhackers

Dear editor,

Perhaps Shannon Harwell's "wondering" mind should get a grasp on Nevada's true history before she attempts to impose her ideals upon others.

The Bushwhackers, or Missouri Partisan Rangers, were indeed Southern sympathizers fighting for the Southern Cause and more importantly, for their homes.

Concerning her guilt about slavery, I should remind Ms. Harwell only 10 percent of Southerners and a mere 4 percent of Missourians owned slaves in 1861.

If she were to conduct a little research she would find the vast majority of Missourians and Southerners in general fought for only one reason, the Union imposing their will upon the Southern people. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Research would enlighten her to the fact that the War Between the States was in fact the culmination of a battle being fought since this country was founded.

From the birth of America certain government officials fought for a strong central government based upon those in Europe, in which state and individual rights would be very limited and only granted by the rulers in power. The other side in this battle, the men who gave us the Constitution and Bill of Rights, demanded a limited central government with most power lying within the states, therefore a government by the people.

Perhaps Ms. Harwell should read the vast number of historic documents stating the Northern government fought the "Civil War" to destroy America's founding system of government, while the South fought to the death in the attempt to preserve all our Colonial ancestors left to us.

So, Ms. Harwell, while slavery was an issue in the war, it did not hold any weight with the majority of fighting Southerners.

In your fear of our history possibly offending blacks, maybe you should remember, slavery is still being practiced today mainly in black countries. So should we also censure black history and culture? I say no. Each culture should be free to celebrate their heritage as they see fit, so what if it may offend someone of another culture?

Your trying to impose your ideals upon me is offensive, even so, I would never attempt to stop you from thinking or saying what you feel. But then, I, like my Colonial and Confederate ancestors before me, hold dear the Constitution and the liberty it meant for us all.

Frank Carlton,


Resurgence of patriotism needed

Dear editor:

Remember the astronomical support America gave our World War II soldiers?

Soldiers of Korea, Vietnam and other wars and conflicts have been somewhat let down by their citizens who, in our trying times, are caught up in their everyday lives consisting of school, work, church, favorite sports and their favorite team's statistics, along with our TV shows (not including the news), the actors and actresses and the never ending soap operas.

During World War II, Americans turned out in every part of America to support our troops in the Pacific, Europe and many other places around the world.

We must have a revival of patriotism in this country that will do what patriotism did during the second World War.

I pray that our small part of this nation's citizens turn out like never before.

Contact your service organization such as the American Legion, V.F.W., AMVets and get involved in this nation's heroes.

American soldiers who are giving all their time in harm's way for you, me and all Americans.

As a veteran I ask all my able veterans to get re-involved in the future of our new veterans coming home from this war.

We must return to the past history of this nation and remember what patriotism meant to past soldiers.

I am a member of Post No. 2 American Legion, Nevada; member/vice-commander of Missouri chapter of Veterans of underage military service; life member of Branson Veterans Task Force; and reunion coordinator for V.U.M.S.

Ronald W. Browne,