Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, June 3, 2005

Plea for return of long-missing


Dear editor:

As we all know, confesion is good for the soul-- therefore the purpose of my letter. I've penned this letter in my mind many times, but as my husband and I prepare to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this June, it became very important that I put this request in print.

More than 40 years ago, someone stole items from our farm home northwest of Metz, Mo. This year made me realize, with even more importance, the value of one of those items -- my wedding dress, which was handmade by my mother, who is 94 years old and still living.

Other items were two oil paintings, which were painted by my aunt who is now deceased. Also taken was a small bedside table, handmade by my gradfather and a miniature camelback trunk handed down from my grandmother.

Someone knows their guilt and hopefully will correspond to this newspaper or return said items to the newspaper office. No questions asked, no penalties given-- the only reward will be a clear conscience.

Dorothy Schrum Morris

Peculiar, Mo.

Thanks for a job well done

Dear editor:

On behalf of the sixth grade students at the Nevada Middle School, we would like to recognize and thank the employees of the city of Nevada who volunteered their time to conduct mock interviews in preparation for the sixth grade trip to Exchange City. Every year students travel to Kansas City to have the opportunity to run a city. It's a great, real world experience. We appreciate the willingness and effort donated by the following individuals: Richard Brockman, Whitney Davis, Sam Foursha, Mark Hardy, Christine Keim, Connie McCoy, Donna Martin, Mark Mitchell, and Kristie Modlin.

Thank you,

Allison Gorman

Angie Landoll

Melissa Payne

Dorene Rhoads

Merry White

NMS South Pod Teachers

Custodians return purse to grateful


Dear editor:

Kudos and thank you to the custodial personnel who were on duty May 22.

I attended the granduation (my granddaughter, Brittany Braucher, president of the senior class) services and was impressed with the way the ceremony was handled. But in the excitement and rush of the event, I left my purse in the gym. Three hours later I returned to the high school, and it was cleaned up and locked up. My granddaughter assured me that my purse would be there on Monday morning and when I called ( I live in Bolivar) sure enough it was in the principal's office.

Thank you and be proud, Nevada school board and townspeople.

Bev Swihart

Bolivar, Mo.