Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, September 9, 2005

Storm victims, not refugees

Dear editor:

As to your article on Sept. 7, about Camp Clark's housing opportunity. I don't understand why everyone is calling these Katrina storm victims refugees. To my understanding refugees are not Americans they are people from other Countries trying to seek refuge in safer countries, including America. These are our own people trying to begin to recover from a natural disaster in America, Hurricane Katrina.

Can we please refer to these people as they are storm victims, not refugees?

Angi Ellifrits


For the love of the game

Dear editor:

Reading last Thursday's edition of the Daily Mail, I glanced at the sports section. A big bold title caught my eye, "You play football because you love the game." I agree with that statement Joe Warren made one-hundred percent. But what do you do when something or someone is standing in your way of the game you love? Now Mr. Warren you don't know me very well, but I have been a die hard football fan since I was a baby. I've put up the blood, sweat, and tears for this game in my life.

Now you said that only 10 of the last years 14 seniors are playing football. All four of those seniors did not agree with some things a certain couch did. One player was passed up for an underclassman. If that player would have played this year, there would be no way he would play. As for me, I can speak for myself, I would do anything to play my senior year of football.

You were right, it's a once in a lifetime chance, but playing for a team that is built around one player, and a coach who is very discriminative, it's not a once in a life time chance. You said in your article, "my gut tells me that they simply do not love the game."

Wrong again, everyone in this town knew how much I loved football, from being named to the All-Conference team last season, to winning the coach awards this season. Does that not tell you that I loved football?

When you are put in a situation where it's quit or be kicked off, you don't have many options on what to do. Nevada football is in a downhill slump, and it doesn't look good for the future. With a good head coach and a big strong class, Nevada football has a chance to win.

Until this coach is gone, football in this town could continue to go under.

With four seniors missing from this year's team, who knows what could have happened this year.

Opie Tipton