Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Thank you, from Mississippi

Dear editor:

I live in Pass Christian, Miss. with my husband Bob and our grandson Derek, who is a senior this year at Pass Christian High School. We have had so much heartache and pain after Hurricane Katrina left our beautiful city in ruins that sometimes it is hard to find words to describe our feelings and emotions but, I will try. I can't remember how long it was after the hurricane before we were able to go south of the railroad tracks in the Pass.

A Pass Christian police officer got me through the military check points to view the disaster and I have trouble finding the words to describe the destruction. (The railroad tracks in Pass Christian run parallel to the Gulf of Mexico and the worst of the damage from the storm surge was between the tracks and Gulf.)

When we came to where our junior high school was located there was nothing left but the sign. As I got out of the car to look at nothing, a van pulled up and two strangers got out and walked toward us. They were Mike Turnbull of Nevada, Mo., and his friend of 30 years Tom Cippio.

They walked toward us and we became instant friends. I gave them some of my homemade jams and we exchanged cell phone numbers.

Mike and Tom had located a point of distribution, which two men from Texas had set up. They were working from there to get supplies to the people. They gave of their time and money to help our town. We helped Tom celebrate his birthday while they were here and when they had to leave us there has been such a void.

We talk everyday on the phone and I wanted to thank the people from Nevada for their help and their support of Mike. He will be here late Friday night with contributions from the people of Nevada.Mike also informed me that the kids from Walker collected $115 to bring to us along with other donations.

Mike became good friends with my grandson, Derek. All of our schools were destroyed except for one and that one was only reopened a few weeks ago.

So, since meeting Mike and with no school to attend, Derek got up every morning and left by 7 a.m. for the POD and worked until dark or until the last load of supplies had been unloaded.

Since Derek has started back to school he still goes to the POD after school and is there until dark. I just found out today that Derek had called Mike and asked him when are you coming home?

Words cannot describe to all of you the long lasting love and friendships that have come out of this horrible nightmare, but with friends like Mike and the others who have come to help us, somehow, someway, we will get through this.

-- Wanda F. Palmer

Pass Christian, Miss.

Thanks to many friends

Dear editor:

Too often we take our friends and neighbors for granted. Then an occasion happens and we are reminded how important and generous the folks that make up our community really are.

Recently a group of our friends and neighbors organized a benefit dinner and auction on our behalf. Literally hundreds of folks from around the area and beyond joined together at the old Rich Hill High School for a hog roast and fish fry and auction of donated items. Both of our lives were extremely touched by the outpouring of cards, financial contributions and donations of food and other valuable items for auction.

Many worked long and hard, donating their time and digging into their own pockets, to help us work through a troubled time, dealing with continuing health issues. We are so grateful to have friends that are their for us.

It is impossible to name all but everyone please accept our heart-felt appreciation and know that we truly thank you for everything that was done on our behalf. We are blesses to live in such a loving and caring community.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

-- Larry and Bev Boyd