Letter to the Editor

Praising public participation

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dear editor:

I have been very pleased to see the response of our citizens to the current situations happening within our city at the present time. It is however, bittersweet. I have been very concerned that we may be living in a community that has blinders on and just plain didn't care about what was happening in our city government. It has been an extreme relief to see the response of our people, standing to rally for justice within the City Government. It is about time! I'm sure most of the same people who are rallying for the new Animal Shelter remember the audit in 2004. That was another situation that was in dire need of the citizens of Nevada's attention and prodding. While being an animal lover and owner myself, I am glad that this has become a significant issue for the people in our Community.

We do have another "hot" topic, our police department. We all depend on our public safety personnel to protect and serve our people. How can we know what is happening if we do not pay attention to the present situation of our officer's? They do a job not many want to do. Some of their duties are monotonous and seem trivial; they could work at 3M and make a better living. So why do you suppose they are police officer's? I figure they must take pride in upholding the law and protecting the community. It takes a certain breed to even want to be a police officer, some try it and find out they just don't have what it takes. Those who stay however, most certainly have to be happy doing what they do because they certainly don't always get the respect they deserve.

Keep up the good work Citizens of Nevada! You have to keep your eyes, ears and minds open. What is that saying? Things are not always as they seem. It is up to you as tax payers and voters to search, ask and find what the true facts are. Facts are hard to come by, they are not always handed to us.

I'm sure some that read this will be belly-aching that I do not live within the city limits. So what! I live less than 2 miles out of town, I do 90 percent of my shopping in Nevada, therefore by spending my money here I help generate the sales tax money the city administration spends on what they deem necessary.

-- Vicki Alsup