Letter to the Editor

Officer responds to city's statements

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dear editor:

On March 24, 2006, I read the editorial written by Whitney Davis which was titled as "City responds to officer firing issue." I would like to say Mrs. Davis, shame on you for your writings. You know the truth and know of the behind doors discussions. My fellow officers also know the truth, but it wasn't stated in your editorial. It is my earnest hopes that when this is all done, those who are honest will step forward.

All I wanted was to be a good officer. Yes, to use your words, I guess I did take "personal issue" believing it was important to express my concerns that a fellow officer or citizen may get killed; as well as other issues. I always did so respectfully and with the sole purpose of bettering our department for our citizens.

You question whether Aaron and I had genuine public safety concerns and our motives; again, shame on you. Among other things, you state that we did not appeal our termination. We did give a written appeal of our termination. You query why we did not approach the city manager directly or the city council. As you know, Aaron and I both asked of Chief Keim for permission to go to the city manager, city alderman, and the mayor. This was done in a respectful manner within the chain of command. I am sending a copy of our written requests that were given to Chief Keim, with this response to the newspaper. The newspaper can print any or none of it, as they wish. You have seen them both, yet question our motives. You, Captain Gary Herstein, Chief Keim, and I all had a meeting about this. As you should recall, Chief Keim, asked you and Captain Herstein to step out of the room during our meeting and spoke to me about going above her head on the matters of public concern. Chief Keim made it very clear to me that we were not to go over her head with our concerns, to any of them, or we would be fired. I ask you, what would you do?

I was a good officer and supervisor. My fellow officers and I know the truth, and its effect on the citizens of Nevada by the operation of the police department. If nothing else, maybe the citizens will find out the truth and the department will be bettered, though it doesn't help me take care of my family now that I've been terminated for these truths.

-- D. W. Osburn

Ex-Nevada Police Sergeant

Editor's note: many of the details of the memos Osborn enclosed are included in a story that begins on Page 1.