Letter to the Editor

Officer responds to city manager's statements

Friday, March 31, 2006

Dear editor:

I read the March 28, 2006, article titled: "City responds to two fired officers' claims." The city administrator, Craig Hubler represented in his press release that it was "the city" who was being sued. The article states: "Nevada City manager Craig Hubler alleged that a suit was filed against the city of Nevada."

Truth in fact, it was he, Craig Hubler, and Chief Keim who are the defendants in the suit filed in federal court. Truth in fact, the city was not sued and never was subject to being sued. One would ask why Mr. Hubler would misrepresent in his press release to the public, that it is the city that is being sued, when instead he knew that it was he, Craig Hubler, that's being sued? I won't respond to all of Mr. Hubler's assertions about me and Aaron. I leave it to the citizens who read this to question the truthfulness of the entirety of Mr. Hubler's press release, since it starts with a lie as simple as who was being sued. Suffice to say that the remainder of Mr. Hubler's press release is similarly lacking in truthfulness. While Mr. Hubler may feel that his misrepresentation to the public that the city was sued may place him in a better light, it hurts the image of the city. Mr. Hubler shouldn't do this at the expense of the citizens. It further offends me for the city and its citizens who have been kind and were the reason that I loved being an officer. Again, I and my fellow officers know the truth. I believe that an apology to the citizens would be appropriate.

-- D. W. Osborn

ExNevada Police Sergeant