The Way it Was

Friday, April 14, 2006

100 years ago

A morning fire on the east side

A destructive fire and one that threatened the entire east side occurred at 5 o'clock this morning, and while an extensive loss was sustained, much greater destruction would have occurred had not the fire department rendered such prompt and excellent service.

John Scott discovered flames up stairs over the Dean & Autenrieth meat market and immediately turned in the alarm. Fire Chief Holmes, and his two able assistants, James Jones and Sam Williamson arrived within a few seconds and soon were busily engaged in a battle with the flames, that were leaping back and forth in the rear rooms of the second floor, wiping out a large stock of groceries and eating their way into the side walls of the room.

At this time the extent of the loss has not been estimated, but will amount to several hundred dollars.

50 years ago

Teacher here for 41 years

After 41 years of teaching in the Nevada public school system, Miss Opal Campbell, sixth-grade instructor at Franklin school will retire in May, at the end of the school term.

"I enjoy children and love to be with them." Miss Campbell said in a recent interview, "I guess if I didn't I wouldn't have stayed in teaching this long."

"I first stated teaching the West Walnut School and had the first four grades," Miss Campbell recalled. "Then I taught the second grade at the old Franklin school for a few years, but most of my teaching has been with fifth and sixth graders."