The Way it Was

Friday, July 7, 2006

100 years ago

Drive-through wedding

About 7:30 last evening, a couple of young people drove up to the Centenary M.E. church parsonage and called the Rev. W.G. Beasly, the pastor.

They did not waste any time in making their business known, for the young man candidly stated their mission was marriage.

The license was produced and W. C. Withrow and Miss Emma Ball, well-known and popular young people of the Walker neighborhood, were married without leaving their buggy.

50 years ago

Ladies take fourth annual cross country taxi trip.

Four Nevada women, all employees of State Hospital No. 3, are preparing for their fourth annual vacation by taxi. Members of the party will be Mrs. Lorine Beals, Mrs. Ethel Conine, Mrs. Bernice Richard and Mrs. Gladys Murray. Fred Kaup will again be their driver as he has been in years past.

Much detailed planning goes into these taxi vacation trips made by this group of women and they are thoroughly sold on their mode of transportation.