The Way it Was

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

100 years ago

Child becomes mother's brother

MARION, Ohio -- Mr. and Mrs. William Fasnaugh, of Richwood recently became the parents of their grandchild, Jessie Fenton, 10 months old, who in turn became a brother to his own mother.

Shortly after the child's birth Thomas Fenton and his wife separated, Mrs. Fenton supported her self and babe, but growing ill, appealed to her parents, who had frowned on her marriage. They agreed to adopt the child. Its father objected because, he said its grandparents separated him and his wife.

50 years ago

Stassen tees off on GOP chief

WASHINGTON -- E. Stassen, counter punching against a demand that he quit his White House job for trying to bump Vice President Nixon off the Republican ticket, accused GOP Chairman Leonard Hall today of trying to "foreclose the choice" of a running mate for President Eisenhower.

Stassen, presidential disarmament aide, took his swing at Hall in a letter to Rep. Byrnes, one of 20 congressmen who sent Stassen a get-out message after he proposed Monday that Gov. Cristian Herter of Massachusetts supplant Nixon in the No. 2 place.