Cullor -- 70 years

Sunday, August 13, 2006

On Aug. 19, 1936, at the Lemons, Mo., home of the Rev. Harley Skipper, Mary Ruth Bishop and Gilbert Cullor were married as the clock struck 12, noon.

From there they went on a six-month honeymoon, traveling south through Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Old Mexico, working at various jobs to pay for their trip. Returning from their honeymoon they began to settle in Putnam County, Mo.

Having moved around to several places, including a stay in Kansas herding sheep, they moved to Des Plaines, Ill., working for American Vault Works. Then Uncle Sam decided he needed Gilbert in the U.S. Army in 1943. So he went away to serve his country, after moving Mary Ruth and their four children back to Putnam County, Mo.

After helping win World War II, Gilbert returned home and they purchased a farm in Appanoose County, Iowa, near Cincinnati. They worked hard farming and clearing the land. They sold firewood and mine props to many of the underground coal mines in the county. Three more children were born there and this is where they reared their family.

In 1968 they sold their farm in Iowa and moved to Dallas County, Mo., near Buffalo, where they purchased a farm. They raised cattle, horses and an interesting assortment of wild life -- deer, antelope, wild goats, etc. They worked very hard in clearing the land of trees so there would be more pasture land for livestock, selling the firewood to many customers in the area.

Gilbert and Mary Ruth reared seven children, Paul Cullor of Prescott, Ariz., Elizebeth Dixon of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Joseph Cullor of Drexel, Mo., John Cullor of Cincinnati, Iowa, Judith "Judy" Weaver of Nevada, Mo., Naomi Alexander of Marshfield, Mo., and Martin, who is deceased.

There will be an open house on Saturday, Aug. 19, at 2 p.m., at the Full Gospel Church on North Highway 65 in Buffalo, Mo. Everyone is welcome to come and honor this unusual milestone in their lives.

If unable to attend, cards may be sent to 1415 State Highway 32 Long Lane, MO 65590