Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, September 1, 2006

Thanks for making me feel welcome

Dear editor:

I, on behalf of the student body at Cottey, would like to send out my greatest appreciation for the picnic that you planned for first-year Cottey students. There's nothing like a warm welcome when some of us are so far away from home. Your continued support is helpful and heart-warming.

I hope that Cottey College can make you proud this year. I look forward to being a member of this community for the next two years. Thank you again for your kindness.

Alexa Fredrickson

Cottey student

In appreciation of highway improvements

Dear editor:

I think that all of us ought to write the state Highway Department to thank them for the new improvements to the highway 54 through and around Nevada, and most of the work was done in the night, to the surprise of most of us. We hope that the new surface will last a long time. It appears like it will.

The Web site for the Missouri Department of Transportation is www.modot.com.

Wes Haggans


Mistaken identity

Dear editor:

My name is Linda Shipp. I am married to David Shipp. I feel the need to clear up a misconception. There is a rumor going around nevada that a child of ours was accused of (statutory) rape. It was not our child. I repeat, it was not our child. I cannot state it more clearly. We have four children and I can guarantee they are virgins. The day it was on the news that someone with the last name of Shipp was arrested for rape, many people drove by our house. There are other people named Shipp, both related and unrelated in this area. I repeat, it was not our child. I do not know the person who was accused. I've never met him. All I know about the situation is that it was not our child. Please help us clear up this dirty rumor.

Linda Shipp


Political signs

Dear editor:

As I was driving through town on Sunday evening (Aug. 20), I counted over 20 signs for yard sales and political signs. I believe yard sales are usually on Friday and Saturday and that some politicians were voted out, so why all the signs? These signs make our city streets look very trashy. They fall down and get blown into yards and streets. I believe that it is littering when you do not pick up your trash.

The city of Nevada needs to have an ordinance dealing with this issue. Citizens who put out these signs should be made to collect them the day after their sale or the day after we vote. If they fail to do so, they should be ticketed for littering. The addresses are on the yard sale signs and it is not hard to find a politician.

Not only would an ordinance help clean up our city, it would add funds to the lagging city officers.

Tara Johnston