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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Airport terminal project important to the city

Dear Editor,

In Friday's Daily Mail, Dr. Jones' letter to the editor was very good and very appropriate.

He was addressing the firing of architect Jim Adams.

I'm hoping his letter will encourage other people to step forward to help keep a progressive direction in our community.

Throwing away a government grant where we only pay 5 to 7 cents on the dollar, is despicable.

Explain to me where Jim Adams was going wrong.

In my opinion, he was let go because some of the city council members seemed to have a personal grudge against him because of his friendship with Craig Hubler.

In one of the first meetings under the new city council, the rude and vicious attitude towards Jim Adams was very apparent to anyone in attendance or watching at home.

It is hard to define the difference between conscientious inquiry of costs and questions aimed at intimidating someone, but we all know the difference when we see it.

Again, in my opinion, they are so consumed with hatred that they are willing to ditch a wonderful project and a great bargain for our city, just to satisfy personal grudges.

This Gateway to Nevada would have been a great tool to help our chamber of commerce and our city leaders recruit new businesses and employers..


This new council seems to be 10 times more secretive and devious than the previous council that they supposedly wanted to save us from.

I am appalled that our city council is throwing away grant funds plus over 3 years of hard work and efforts of our airport board and other volunteers, and many work hours of ordinary citizens.

Why should we have the BEST AIRPORT, for a town of our size, in the whole state?


Especially when the grant money makes it happen.

We help pay that grant money every year on April 15.

Isn't it about time that our town benefited from a large grant instead of it always going to other communities?

Now back to Dr. Jones.

It is my fervent hope that he would file as a candidate in our next city council election.

He may not desire to be on the city council, but he loves Nevada and we could sure use a good and loyal person such as him.

I'm sure he would make sound and responsible decisions for our city without letting personal feelings cloud his judgment.

I don't even know if he would agree to do this, but I certainly hope he would consider it.


Thank you Daily Mail for allowing this message to be shared with your readers.

A Very Concerned Citizen and Nevada Taxpayer,

David Bishop