The Way it Was

Thursday, October 12, 2006

100 years ago

Electrical water pump received here today

Col. Gore today received the electrical water pump which will be placed at once. The powerful piece of machinery will be used to pump water from the deep well into the reservoir and when in operation will be the first time city water has ever been pumped in this city by electrical power. Col. Gore expects to have this new pump in operation by Monday night and the power to run it will be supplied at present by the power house near the wells. When the new power house machinery is placed the electrical power to operate the pumping machinery will be transmitted from the new power house. All machinery will be operated with electricity.

50 years ago

Vernon County designated as disaster area

We are advised today by Tom Handly, chairman of the Vernon County ASC Committee, that Vernon County has been designated as being in the drought emergency area and we quote the following telegram:

"Consent has been given in your county by the Secretary of Agriculture for producers to graze land designated in Acreage Reserve Agreements to and including Dec. 31, 1956."

Other provisions and benefits for farmers in this drought area will be announced as soon as they are received.

Chairman Handly explains that he expects to have available seeding practices whereby the government will share the cost and reduced rates for grain and hay for farmers to maintain basic livestock.