The Way it Was

Thursday, October 26, 2006

100 years ago

Officer shot at

Special Officer John T. Lucas who looks after the Katy's interest here had rather a thrilling experience Friday evening. Officer Lucas went up in the north end of the railway yards after supper and when near the mill three strange men began to shoot at him but fortunately they missed the Katy officer. John returned the fire but was unable to hit his assailants. Sheriff Moore and Deputy McKnight were notified and walked the track to Walker, but found no trace of the men.

50 years ago

Tour of Kraft Station held Thursday night

Some 40 business men and women were treated last night to a tour of the Kraft Foods receiving station on Highway 54 at Vine street and a Dutch luncheon and a movie and color slides and a talk at the Memorial Hall.

George Edwards, manager of the Kraft plant here, was in charge of the tour and gave a short talk at the plant in addition to the equipment used. Of special interest in the clean, modern plant was the machine that handles the milk cans and then after the milk is dumped, cleans the cans in a conveyor system. The plant handles about 64,000 pounds of milk daily and it is stored in two large cooling tanks of 32,000 and 34,000 gallon capacity.