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Letters to the editor

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Vote "Yes" on Amendment 2

Dear Editor,

Only a few in this area knew my twin brother Randy Risley, known simply as "Doc" or "Riz" in his hometown, Caldwell, Kan. He died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma shortly before our 55th birthday. It was devastating to watch as he struggled for almost a year with a disease that had no cure. Week by week his life slipped away as he gradually changed from an active large animal veterinarian, cattleman and fanatic K-State sports fan to a helpless victim of the same disease that killed Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

My friend, Joe Netherton, a popular, fun-loving Richards, Mo., rancher and sportsman, had a similar experience with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), which finally took his life almost three years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Missourians have a disease or injury that may someday be cured with stem cells.

I'm with so many other Christians and people of faith who have joined former Missouri Senator John Danforth to support this initiative. Amendment 2 does not ask for public tax dollars. It simply asks that each Missouri citizen be given the right to future stem cell treatments that may eventually cure diabetes, ALS, Parkinson's, cancer, paralysis and many other diseases and injuries.

I have profound respect for those who, in spite of family illness, passionately oppose stem cell research for personal religious reasons. On the other hand, is it right for anyone to take away the rights of many other Missourians who also believe in the sanctity of life, but who hold to different values and beliefs? Why shouldn't every Missouri citizen have the right to the same stem cell cures that are legal in the rest of the country? Voting YES on Amendment 2, the Stem Cell Initiative, will protect that right.

I encourage you to protect your right and the right of your children and grandchildren to the best possible medical treatments by voting YES on Amendment 2.

Rama Adams


Dear Editor,

Our feelings about the injustice done to one of our citizens:

What is our community coming to when someone or some group has to hide behind an innocent person because they don't like your organization?

The name of one of our long time citizens of our community has been illegally used to spread some outrageous untruths about the Ambulance District! This gentleman whose name was used was totally unaware of the slanderous ad labeled "Ambulance District Misleading Ad," shame on you for insulting this man and his family as well as the intelligence, of Nevada and Vernon County.

You should have checked your facts.

Why didn't you put your name to the ad?

Why did you use a false committee name that was not registered with the ethics commission?

Do you have something to hide?

Perhaps you know the things you put to print are false?

Perhaps you are not known for the truth?

You need to publicly apologize to Cecil McKenzie and his family for the embarrassment you have caused them! Sadly, I suspect this will not happen because deeds like this "ad" are not those of a respectable and honorable person.

Tina Werner, Paramedic

Vernon County EMS

with the support of my

co-workers and volunteers

To the Nevada community,

You have a great place to get your vehicles fixed!

Coming from Minnesota traveling with a load of hay to Texas, we had a problem with our trailer. It was 8:30 p.m., so we stayed at the Days Inn.

The next day, Len's Truck and Auto Repair fixed us up quickly and charged us just for the parts. He wouldn't take anything for his time.

Thank you Len's Truck and Auto Repair! You restored our faith in mankind!

Bob and Kathy Boice

Harmony, Minn.