The Way it Was

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

100 years ago

Democratic victory in Vernon County

The election of Nov. 6, was a democratic victory, more so than the most enthusiastic democrat had predicted. The vote in Vernon County fell short about 200 but the democratic majority was increased from 900 to 1,300.

The county ticket of course was ejected by an increased majority over that of 1904. The votes in the county precincts showed very little scratching, the solid democrats of the county voting the ticket straight. In Center township, including Nevada, the scratching was quite numerous on parts of the ticket and the judges did not finishing counting the votes until 6 o'clock this morning. The fight made by the republicans, was almost entirely devoted to Thurman but Thurman came out by the assistance of the county with a good majority. There was talk about J.B. Davis being scratched but he come out fine and will be Vernon Counties next recorder.

50 years ago

Democrats still in control of Congress

President Eisenhower won re-election with a thunderous personal endorsement from the American people in yesterday's balloting, but he lost his coveted goal of a Republican Congress.

Fighting off the tide that gave Eisenhower a victory margin of nearly nine million votes over Adiai Stevenson, Democrats won control of the House. They won the Senate also with the election of Alan Bible (D-Nev.)

In a cross pattern of independent voting, Eisenhower racked up 41 states with 457 electoral votes and had rolled to an 8,647,000 popular vote margin over Stevenson in returns at 1 p.m., EST.