The Way it Was

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

100 years ago

New electric grade good

C.C. McFann, the construction electrical engineer, under whose supervisions the new electrical road is to be built, has returned from Richards where he met the citizens of that town and also drove over the proposed route from Nevada to Richards. Mr. McFann says the Richards people are now hustling for the new line, and have secured practically all of the right-of-way for the road and have done so without cost. In fact there is competition now in that part of the country and two routes have been offered, however, the question as to whether the road will connect with the Kansas City Southern at Richards or Stotesbury is not yet settled.

50 years ago

Pine Street building is now leased

O.M. Flory, president of the Nevada school board, said this afternoon that definite arrangements have been made with the board of trustees of the Pine Street Baptist Church to use the new church building for temporary classrooms for Senior High School students. Mr. Flory said the church building has been definitely rented for school use and workmen will start installing partitions in the building and adding rest room facilities the first of next week.