The Way it Was

Friday, December 15, 2006

100 years ago

Trains lost in snowdrifts

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The worst snowstorm in years is reported by the railroad companies which have westbound extensions. The trains in Western North Dakota on every line are snowbound and in some cases are lost.

It is even reported that some of the Great Northern through trains cannot be located. The snow in many places is piled 20 feet high and traffic is at a standstill.

The only coast trains that have arrived over the Northern Pacific, Great Northern & St. Paul lines in the last 24 hours have been from 24 to 48 hours late, and there are many trains which have been due for two days which have not arrived.

50 years ago

Stotesbury woman is hospitalized with burns

STOTESBURY, Mo. -- Mrs. Joe Davis was home east of Stotesbury, when her clothing ignited while working near a wood cook stove. Mrs. Davis ran outside and slipped and fell bruising herself in the fall.

She was given emergency first aid treatment for burns and bruises at her home and was taken to the Butler Hospital Saturday morning for further treatment of burns and other injuries.