The Way it Was

Thursday, December 21, 2006

100 years ago

Pure food law

The pure food law becomes effective Jan. 1, and from that date we will know just what we are eating. Every article will be tagged and bold letters will tell the formula used to make the article. It is a question whether we will enjoy this new law, it is quite probable that "ignorance which has been bliss" will revert to knowledge that will bring worry. A man can eat almost anything else nicely dished up if he doesn't know it, but when he becomes aware of just what he is eating he is liable to lose his appetite. The new law, however, is a great protection to health and will prevent manufacturers imposing upon the people.

50 years ago

Clean up the final problems

PORT SAID, Egypt -- The last two items of unfinished business before departure of British-French forces apparently were cleared up today.

There were an exchange of prisoners and an announcement that the British salvage fleet will stay at Port Said to help clear the way for traffic through the Suex Canal.

The British-French handed over 386 Egyptian prisoners of war to the U.N. force shortly after noon today. The Egyptians surrendered 450 British civilians to U.N. troops, who conducted them by train into the buffer zone near El Cap, mouth of Port Said.