The Way it Was

Friday, December 22, 2006

100 years ago

Hotel Mitchell improvements

The lobby of Hotel Mitchell has undergone a decided change within the past few days. New and elegant fixtures have been added, which are a splendid improvement. The cigar stand has been placed at the east side and Miss May Thomas, the accommodating and clever little lady who presided over this counter has also added a manicure department. On the west side Col. Mitchell, the enterprising and popular proprietor has made extensive improvements. A spacious writing room for the accommodation of hotel guests has been provided, and also extensive improvements made in the barber parlor, presided over by popular Tom Hays.

50 years ago

Winners in letter to Santa contest

Ronnie Withrow, the young lad who wrote to Santa Claus requesting that his father be home from the hospital for Christmas, is the first prize winner of $10 in the Daily Mail and Herald "Letters to Santa" contest. Ronnie's wish has been answered -- his dad will be home for Christmas.

More than 300 Santa letters were sent to St. Nick via the Daily Mail and all were published in these newspapers. The last of the letters were published in Friday's Daily Mail.

Second prize winner of $5 is Lynarlin Cavanaugh, Nevada, and third prize winner of $3 is Ralph Roby of Milo. All of the entrants are under 10 years of age.

Most of the letters entered in the contest were outstanding and made interesting reading, not only for Santa Claus, but readers of these newspapers.