The Way it Was

Thursday, January 4, 2007

100 years ago

New hunter's license received by County Clerk

County Clerk has received the hunter's license for the pre-season year but he is receiving very few calls for the hunters don't believe they have to have license to hunt and, as the two courts of appeals differ on this question, the supreme court will have to await the higher court's decision. The new license are printed on water proof paper and shows the month for hunting various kinds of game.

50 years ago

Nevada boys are sought

At presstime this afternoon Nevada City Police, Sheriff Les Hunt and the State Highway Patrol are still trying to locate two Nevada boys, who have been missing from their homes since yesterday.

The two, Billie Stanford II, son of Mrs. Gladys Stanford, who is also a Daily Mail carrier, has been missing since 8 a.m., yesterday and his cousin, Paul Jean Burnham, 13, has been missing since yesterday noon. The two are believed to be together.

Young Stanford left home yesterday morning with $10 which he was supposed to bring to The Daily Mail office -- he never arrived. That is the last his parents have seen of him.