The Way it Was

Thursday, January 18, 2007

100 years ago

Thousands are homeless

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Thousands of people along the Ohio river are homeless because of the prevailing high water. Indications point to a stage of at least 55 feet for the river in this city, making this the greatest flood since February 1884. The city authorities today began to care for the flood victims. School buildings and churches have been opened as temporary homes for the homeless.

About 2,000 people on a bill known as Turkey ridge have been isolated by the flood which cut them off from the mainland.

50 years ago

Meeting in Nevada

Postmaster Bob Bell announced today that a luncheon meeting of the Fourth and Fifth Congressional District Postmasters Association will be held at the Mitchell Hotel here on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Mr. Bell said that approximately 100 postmasters and guests from the districts will be present for the one day affair.

The meeting will get under way with a luncheon at noon which will be followed by a business session at which discussion of various postal service problems will be held.

Fred Riggs, district manager of Kansas City, and Oscar Beyer, district manager of Springfield, will be present and give brief addresses at the meeting.