Letter to the Editor

ake Vernon County a better place to live

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Make Vernon County a better place to live

Dear editor:

I can think of no one more opposed to taxes than I am opposed to them. As I prepare to submit my state and federal income taxes, I am working hard at not being cranky.

As the 125th District State Representative, I am very proud that the 93rd General Assembly did not raise taxes and that the 94th General Assembly is on the verge of actually eliminating Missouri State income tax on retirement pensions.

However, I am forced to admit that in the upcoming Vernon County April election, there are two exceptionally worthy tax increases that I whole heartedly support. Vernon County's two local sales tax increases will finance a badly needed county jail and upgrade Vernon County's Ambulance District.

I am consoled somewhat to know that the Vernon County sales tax increases are as minimal as they can be, cannot be diverted for other purposes, and will sunset when the jobs are done.

I sincerely urge every Vernon County voter to do as I intend to dohold your nose, if you must, swallow hard and vote YES for a new Vernon County Jail mid to keep our Vernon County Ambulance District first rate. Your YES vote will make all of Vernon County proud and safer.

Respectfully, Barney Fisher