The Way it Was

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

100 years ago

Building at Walker and other notes

The construction of the new buildings at Walker to take the place of those recently destroyed by fire, will begin within the next few days. The building will be a substantial brick, two stories, with four store rooms. The corner room, both floors with a frontage of 25-feet will be occupied by the hardware store of Buck & Dale. The next room with a 20-foot front, will be occupied by the Walker bank, with office rooms upstairs. G.H. Boyer's general merchandise store will occupy the other two downstairs, with a frontage of 45-feet.

50 years ago

Inspects corn damage

Jim McCall, Vernon County agent, was shown inspecting a patch of corn that is seriously damaged by water standing in the fields and not draining off.

County agent McCall said today, "there are very poor stands of corn in low areas of fields in the county, but that the major problem is not being able to get into the wet muddy fields for cultivation. Where the corn has taken on a yellow color, the corn can be considered to be badly badly damaged."