Dawson -- 60th

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Dawson -- 60th

Roy Lee Dawson and Bettie Jean Streich were married on Nov. 29, 1947, at the home of the Rev. Pliney Elliott, in Nevada, Mo. The Rev. Elliott was the minister of the First Christian Church.

Roy and Bettie Dawson were both born and reared in Vernon County and have lived in the county all their lives. They are lifelong farmers in the Rinehart area and belong to the Rinehart Christian Church.

Roy and Bettie were blessed with two daughters: Vicky Albright and Patty Hough. The girls have presented them with grandchildren and great-grandchildren that Roy and Bettie are so fond of.

The family will celebrate this wonderful occasion with a family dinner. No reception is planned.

Roy and Bettie would appreciate cards from friends. The cards may be mailed to Roy and Bettie Dawson, Route 1, Box 562, Horton/Richards, MO 64778.