Letter to the Editor

It's time for a new field house!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear editor:

Thirteen or 14 years ago, when my younger son was playing football at Nevada High School, we began having fund-raising golf tournaments and other events to raise money for a new field house to replace the dilapidated structure that the boys and coaches were using -- the same cinderblock building that my husband used when he played in the 1960s. Since my son graduated, coaches, players and their families have continued with those efforts toward a new structure. I know that many of them hoped that surely, during their four years at NHS, they would be the first ones to get to use the new field house! Obviously, it hasn't come to pass.

It was announced at the golf tournament last summer; and I believe I read it also in the Daily Mail; that as soon as the 2007 football season ended, the current building would be demolished and a new one constructed in time for the start of 2008 football. Now, I truly appreciate all the work that our school board and administration has before them on any given day; and I understand that there are always priorities. In recent years, we have seen the beautiful new Wynn Gymnasium, wrestling room, and weight room that benefit many of our student athletes. Testman Track is another great addition. This last year an elevator, new school district offices, and a concession stand/restroom facility were built. And, these are only improvements at the high school; not to mention all the improvements taking place at all the other schools in town. In my opinion, the field house should have priority now!

I understand that field house plans have been drawn up and can be seen in the district office. We all know that building costs rise almost daily; and it is my sincere hope that this project can get underway before we have to start "cutting corners" to save money. Our NHS Tigers deserve better than that.

Sally Thorpe